October 7, 2019
Potential 2020 Olympic Games Applicants   

TO: Potential 2020 Olympic Games Applicants    
FROM: Jenni Autry, Managing Director of Eventing          
DATE: October 7, 2019
RE: 2020 Olympic Games Application and Selection Procedures Information
Dear Potential Eventing Applicants for the 2020 Olympic Games,
Please be advised that the Selection Procedures for the 2020 Olympic Games for Eventing are approved and available on the US Equestrian website. Please click here to read the procedures in their entirety. The application deadline is February 14, 2020. Please read the details below prior to starting the application process.

The Eventing Olympic Games Application is available through your online Member Dashboard on your MY USEF. Be sure to have your USEF Membership ID and Password available. Once you sign in, click on Athlete Dashboard, then Online Applications, make sure to search for applications for ‘2020’ then Apply for the 2020 Olympic Games Eventing Application. 

After submission of the application, you will receive details for completing the USOPC registration process. This is required for all athletes, owners, grooms and anyone that you would like to be eligible for accreditation, and each person must have a unique email address connected with their registration. If the USOPC Registration is not completed prior to the deadline individuals will not be accredited. The estimated deadline for completing the USOPC Registration is February 21, 2020
There is a lot of information in this process so please read all of the documents carefully.  The Eventing portion of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan is July 31-August 3, 2020.
Application Information
Before you start your application you must have completed the following items:
                2020 USEF Membership
                2020 FEI Registration
                2020 FEI Registration
                USEF Recording
Very Important: If you have not added the horse(s) on which you plan to apply for on the application to your commonly ridden horses you will need to do so at this time by accessing your athlete dashboard under Commonly Ridden Horses. If you start the application and add commonly ridden horses while the application is open, the commonly ridden horses page will open in a NEW tab in your internet browser. Once the process for adding a commonly ridden horse is complete, you will need to click the refresh button on your application to see the latest horse added to your profile. From there you will be able to proceed with the application. 

Application Deadlines and Fees
Please take time to read the application paragraph in the Selection Procedures thoroughly, and note that deadlines are enforced without exception.
            Application Deadline: February 14, 2020
            Fee: $70
The following attachments are required at the time of application and completed online here or through the application confirmation email.
                Attachment C – Code of Conduct
                Attachment D– USEF Release, Assumption of Risk, Wavier and Indemnification – USEF

Application & Payment Confirmation: Upon receipt of your application and fee, you and your horse owner(s) will receive an email confirming the date your application and payment was received. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your application, IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION to contact USEF to determine if it has been received. 

Please feel free to contact Jenni Autry, Managing Director of Eventing at jautry@usef.org or at (859) 225-2052 with questions regarding the process or Christina Vaughn, Director, Eventing Performance and Program Support with questions regarding the application or administrative questions at cvaughn@usef.org or at (859) 225-6917.
CC: Connell, Costello, Huber, Duvander

Questions?  Please contact Jenni Autry at jautry@usef.org

This message was sent by the US Equestrian Eventing department.